Welcome to TOTSCo

Established by the Industry in June 2022, TOTSCo is an organisation owned by its members and driven by a common goal: to develop and operate a messaging platform (The TOTSCo Hub) that will make One Touch Switch for residential fixed voice and broadband customers possible.

We are now inviting all residential fixed voice and broadband providers to onboard with us. As soon as you have registered as a customer of TOTSCo you can secure your testing slot to test your systems with the TOTSCo Hub.

Ready to onboard? Click the link below to take you to the registration page. Any questions please contact us on service_desk@totsco.org.uk.

If you would like to subscribe to regular communications to keep you up to date on our progress subscribe here.


TOTSCo releases User Agreement v1.1 (bulletin 38)

TOTSCo is pleased to announce the release of the User Agreement v1.1.  For ease of reference, both documents are available in ‘clean’ and ‘marked up’ formats here, allowing those familiar with the earlier versions to easily spot the changes. Read the full bulletin...

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Friday reflections from Paul, CEO 17 Nov

This week, our focus has intensified on strengthening our integration test process with the right exit criteria and working with industry to define industry trials (using live data). We want to make sure we are doing all we can to support industry in proving their...

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