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The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo)

One Touch Switch go-live date: 12 September 2024

“It's important that you engage with the OTS process as soon as possible, even if you work with a managed access provider. Our path to go-live document contains all the steps you need to take to implement One Touch Switch. If you need any help contact us we are here to help “

Paul Bradbury
Chief Executive Officer, TOTSCo

Getting started on your One Touch Switch (OTS) journey with us


Getting ready

Read essential documents, allocate time and resources, and set a realistic timeline to prepare for the OTS process.



You can connect directly to the TOTSCo Hub and start onboarding. Or you can get a managed access provider (MAP) to assist.



We'll ask you for details of you and your organisation, and to sign the TOTSCo Hub user agreement.



There are three steps to our testing process, but steps may vary if you're working with a managed access provider (MAP).


The One Touch Switching Company Ltd

Introducing TOTSCo

TOTSCo is a not-for-profit organisation created by the telecoms industry in June 2022 to deliver switching processes for fixed voice and broadband services.

TOTSCo owns and operates a specially designed message-exchanging platform, the TOTSCo Hub, which is central to the One Touch Switch process.

By giving help and support at every step, TOTSCo ensures that the OTS process is robust, reliable, and ready to facilitate quick and easy switching for customers.

Help & Support

We're here whenever you need support

For assistance with any testing and onboarding issues, you can contact us by email at [email protected].

For general enquiries, you can email [email protected].

Our monthly Stakeholder Forums are an opportunity for the TOTSCo Team to share the latest information, discuss important topics and answer any key questions.

News & Updates

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