This week I am pleased to see an uplift in the number of messages going through the hub in all testing environments. To be ready for the OTS go-live in September, we really want to see more CPs in testing. If you would like to get involved in Industry Trials, which gives you an opportunity to test using real customer data, please contact us. Don’t forget, we're regularly publishing weekly reports tracking the progress of our trials. Keep an eye out for these updates on our website here.

For those of you participating in testing, I'd like to remind you to bookmark two important pages on our website. Firstly, our Hub System Status, which provides updates on any widespread issues or defects affecting the hub and the account management portal. Secondly, our Hub Change and Maintenance page, where you can find information on all scheduled maintenance or changes to the hub.

As I mentioned last week, we've been actively refining our processes and procedures behind the scenes to ensure readiness for OTS go-live. We're pleased with the positive response to our information sharing sessions, but if you haven't signed up yet, you can find all the details here to secure your place. We want to do all we can to prepare everyone for OTS go-live, so please sign up for these sessions.

Next week, we will be sending out a bulletin explaining the need to sign the user agreement as a prerequisite for joining or continuing in the testing program. We have given everyone a deadline of 7 May to sign the User Agreement before we withdraw the current Test Agreement. For those of you who have onboarded, please go into your account portal and sign the user agreement. If you have yet to onboard with us, it’s a simple process, onboard here.

Last week, we conducted hustings for the position of New Infrastructure Providers Constituency Director. I am delighted to announce that Jeremy Chelot, CEO of Netomnia, has been elected by members to succeed Gita Sorensen. We warmly welcome him to his new role.

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend.


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