Since opening our doors for business on Monday last week (10 July) we now have over 80 residential fixed voice and broadband providers that are now on the way to being fully fledge TOTSCo customers.  

If you haven’t yet onboarded, all you need to do is go onto our homepage and click on ‘become a TOTSCo Hub User’. You will find step-by-step instructions in our Hub User Guide. 

We are listening to all your feedback and responding as quick as we can to make sure we react as efficiently as possible.  

You have also told us you would like one way of knowing all the latest information, communications and actions. In response, we have refreshed our website’s news page to feature all the latest communications we have sent you, information you need to know and actions you may need to take. It will be a one-stop-shop of everything you need to know and do. We have also launched ‘TOTSCO Talk’ a fortnightly newsletter giving you a round up of all news and actions direct to your inbox.  

Our major focus now is on preparing for the next major milestone, the opening of our testing window on 28 July.  To book a test slot you need to complete the first step of onboarding to obtain your unique ID (RCPID) so you can book your test slot.  Again, step-by-step guide on how to book a test slot and perform testing is in our Hub User Guide. 

For those of you awaiting the final API Specification document v1.0, it is due out imminently. It will feature the Directory API and oAuth2 security implementation. Following industry feedback, we will be adding the security implementation options to use API keys and mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) when connecting to the hub. A further API Spec featuring these additions will be released in due course.   

Finally, I wanted to apologise for the time it is taking to finalise the charging structure. We understand the importance of this document which is why we are working diligently to get I completed as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.  

That’s all from me.  

Have a great weekend. 

All the best