This week has been tough and demanding for TOTSCo and all those involved in OTS. The delay in the OTS go-live is disappointing news for all of us. Thank you for all your honesty and openness during yesterday’s discussion at the Stakeholder Forum. We’re currently compiling all your questions which we will share as they as they’re likely to be common queries across the industry.  

We also committed to complete various tasks, including the publication of onboarding and testing statistics and publishing our User Guide. Furthermore, our industry trials approach will be ready for consultation next week.  

Meanwhile, testing is progressing, with users successfully connecting and utilising the hub in the integration environment. This week, we had 23 active users in our integration environment, collectively exchanging 1,000 messages.  

While our primary focus remains on delivery, it’s crucial to maintain momentum by setting a new date. We’re dedicated to working closely with the industry to announce a revised OTS go-live date in the early part of next year. 

Don’t forget, if you need help, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Look forward to seeing some of you at our first AGM on Monday.   

Enjoy the weekend. 

 All the best