As Industry Trials gain momentum and One Touch Switch rapidly approaches, it's imperative to ensure that we, as an industry, are fully prepared for One Touch Switch operationally. To that end we are establishing a One Touch Switch Operations Forum.

The group will be joint-chaired by TOTSCo and the OTA2. The purpose of the Forum is to collaboratively observe and assess the operation of all aspects of the OTS process, including the OTS Industry Process, the TOTSCo Hub, CP internal processes, and CP to CP interactions. The group will also make recommendations to improve the practical operation of One Touch Switch. 

Please note that the work of the OTS Industry Process Group will continue, and its role remains unaffected by the establishment of this forum.

The Forum operates on behalf of industry. You won’t be disadvantaged by not being a member. Agendas and minutes will be available to all hub users via the TOTSCo website.

Here you can review the Terms of Reference of the forum.

We are inviting hub users to apply to join. Any interested parties need to review the Terms of Reference to ensure you meet the criteria and complete a short form to apply for membership by 3 May 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


April 2024

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