We are proposing to make changes to the User Agreement and MAP Agreement.

The changes reflect areas where we feel that clarification was needed, or where our understanding of technical and operational details has evolved during the eight months of integration testing.

The linked documents below show redlines of our proposed changes to the User Agreement and MAP Agreement.

Proposed User Agreement changesProposed MAP Agreement changes
UA main body v1.2
UA Schedule D v1.2
UA Schedule F v1.2
UA Schedule H v1.2
MAP A main body v1.2
MAP A Schedule D v1.2
MAP A Schedule H v1.2

TOTSCo invites CPs and MAPs to review the proposed contract changes and provide us with comments and/or any material objections, by Wednesday 12 June, to [email protected], quoting “contract changes” in the subject line.

Read the bulletin in full here, which includes FAQs.

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