TOTSCo is pleased to announce selection of a vendor for the TOTSCo Hub.

An integral part of the One Touch Switch (“OTS”) process is a dedicated message-exchanging platform. This allows Communications Providers to exchange with each other the information that is required to help them deliver quick, easy and reliable switching to residential customers.

TOTSCo was established by the telecoms industry in 2022 to deliver and operate this message-exchanging platform. Following a Request for Information sent to 19 potential vendors, TOTSCo issued a Request for Proposal (“RfP”) in October 2022.

Since receiving responses to this RfP, TOTSCo has undertaken a rigorous exercise to select a preferred vendor. The evaluation panel comprised around 20 technical experts from inside and outside the telecoms industry. The exercise included three rounds of vendor submissions, interactive questions and answers, and updates to the RfP documents where required.

TOTSCo is pleased to announce that it is now entering a short period of exclusive negotiations with Tech Mahindra, to conclude a contract for the design and build of the TOTSCo Hub with associated technical and business support services. In order to facilitate the earliest possible OTS go-live date, the negotiations anticipate that work will start at the soonest opportunity.

We will confirm milestones and timings as soon as the contract situation allows. Currently we believe that the release of the Hub for industry to start their OTS testing will be within the August to October window that was previously announced. We anticipate that test harness availability and the start of user onboarding will both be in advance of this date.

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