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The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo)


The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo)

Our complete ITIL change and incident management, along with Service Level Agreements, will begin once we transition to the live production environment (Industry Trials). Meanwhile, during simulator and integration testing, please refer to the following process:

If commercially onboarded raise the incident, issue or enquiry via your Account Management Portal.

Alternatively, you can raise an issue via the service desk. You will be provided a ticket ID. We will update you regularly while the incident is being investigated, this could include inviting you to a trouble shooting test slot.

When your incident has been resolved, we will ask for your acceptance of the resolution before closing the ticket.

Please be aware: while we'll offer a high-level explanation for the incident, a comprehensive root cause analysis report won't be provided at this time.


  • We monitor all testing environments 24/7 365.
  • If we observe a defect affecting the TOTSCo Hub that impacts ALL
    users, we will email all users who using the testing environment to make them aware of the issue. We'll keep you updated on the incident through ‘TOTSCo Hub Service Update' emails, and we'll also ensure our ‘TOTSCo Hub Service Updates’ page on our website is always up to date.


When we are in the live production environment the full ITIL change and incident management will commence including Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We will be updating this guide to include these processes at a later stage.

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