RFP – Technical Design V.0.3.0

One Touch Switch Developers Guide V.0.0.1

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We are pleased to publish the following documents which together with the Industry Process form a strong baseline for the OTS process and technical designs. We recommend that Communications Providers use all of the information now available to determine what adaptations will have to be made to their processes and systems including, where applicable, channel partners. The technical elements will allow CPs to plan for how systems can be adapted to run successfully the OTS process and the interface to the TOTSCo Hub.


One Touch Switch Developers Guide – Consumer Switching draft V0.0.1

This document describes the structure of messages that are sent and received via the TOTSCo Hub, and should, alongside the Industry Process Design, form the back-bone of your technical solution for OTS (One Touch Switch). The document describes the structure of messages, including content and basic rules, alongside expected high-level error messages and responses.  Also included are accompanying descriptions of messages  and the rationale behind their component elements.

Please note that this document provides a strong baseline for the typical switching journey; however, we are aware of a number of sub-scenarios (certain edge-case events) that will be described and added to an expanded version to enhance the level of detail provided.


TOTSCo Hub Specifications & Technical Requirements – Technical Design draft V0.3

Although this document was created to assist TOTSCo in defining their requirements of the Hub to potential vendors, and, as such, is not directly aimed at CPs, it has been published to provide insight into how the Hub will function as a ‘letterbox’ and ‘post office’ for your OTS messages.

Please note that depending on the final choice of partner to build the TOTSCo Hub, there may be some technical differences in how the vendor’s hardware and software solutions function; however, the basic premise of ‘letterbox’ and ‘post office’ functionality, alongside the message structure defined in the One Touch Switch Developers Guide – Consumer Switching will remain.

Redactions:  you will notice that both documents have a number of elements redacted (i.e. sections of blacked out text). These sections are related to areas that have not yet been agreed or do not form part of the RFP process TOTSCo are undertaking, it was agreed that using redaction would be the most effective approach in maintaining the integrity of the baseline documentation.

Feedback and Updates

There are a number of routes through which Communications Providers can provide feedback.

  • Via e-mail to [email protected]. Please understand that we cannot respond directly to e-mails, but we will take this feedback into account when generating further material for general communication.
  • Through industry associations. TOTSCo has an active dialogue with these associations and they are engaged in the One Touch Switch introduction.
  • By attending the Stakeholder Forums. These are held roughly once a month via Teams, and allow Communications Providers to raise questions directly with TOTSCo representatives. If you have not registered your interest in attending these forums on the TOTSCo website, please contact TOTSCo at [email protected] and we will update our records.


TOTSCo will publish news on its website and through newsletters, including any developments around the Industry Process.


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