Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

16 February 2024

After a break last week, there are two weeks of progress to catch up on. I’m delighted that in preparation for industry trials, we have now launched our production environment and commenced full production support services. These positive steps will boost our customer services offering, including our responsiveness to your inquiries, promptly resolving any issues that may arise.

We recognise the importance of keeping all TOTSCo Hub users informed about planned changes, outages, and any issues or defects. To ensure everyone stays updated, we will communicate changes via email and update the TOTSCo Hub Service Updates page. Additionally, advanced notice for all functional and non-functional changes will be provided through a release note.

For those eagerly awaiting the results of the Industry Trials consultation, we anticipate publishing our response next week. A sincere thank you to all 19 respondents – your constructive and informative feedback has been greatly received and factored into our response.

In our testing program, we are seeing a consistent number of messages being sent daily in the hub as simulator and integration testing progress. I anticipate an increase in onboarding and testing activity in the coming weeks once we have announced a revised planned OTS go-live date.

Another boost to the OTS programme is the publication of the Managed Access Provider (MAP) Agreement and Schedules. MAPs are a vital part of the OTS landscape and we anticipate that most CPs will access the TOTSCo hub via a MAP. By finalising their commercial offerings to customers, all the MAPs will have the opportunity to promote their services effectively within the industry. For a more in-depth understanding of managed access, please visit our MAP page on our website.

That’s all from me this week folks, don’t forget we are here to help so please reach out to us.

All the best


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