Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

20 October 2023

Today, I am delighted we are releasing on-time the new authentication protocols. In addition to OAuth2, we’re introducing API Key and mTLS, all available in our simulator and integration testing environments. 

 Also, for those of you who have commercially onboarded, we have enabled self-service fault and enquiry ticket management in your account management portal.  It means you will be able to raise, track or update a fault or enquiry. You can add technical information and legal entities can add additional brands. Full information in bulletin 31 here. 

 So, roll up, roll up!  Onboard with us now and book your test slot. As mentioned during the Stakeholder Forum (recording is here) with OTS go-live round the corner we want to see far more of you onboarding and starting your testing journey. If you need help and support please contact our Industry Readiness Team ready to help you each step of the way.  

 Next week, we will be releasing the user agreement, schedules, and pricing structure. I kindly request that you sign the user agreement promptly and return it to us. 

 Lastly, next week marks an exciting milestone with the launch of our brand-new website. It’s your one-stop destination for everything related to your journey to OTS. We will keep refining it based on your feedback so please send your feedback to Keely Beecroft our Head of Communicatons. 

 That’s all from me folks.  

 Enjoy the weekend. 

 All the best  


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