Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

22 September 2023

What an incredible week it's been at Connected Britain, and I'm absolutely thrilled that TOTSCo was a part of it. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited the TOTSCo stand. It was great to meet such a diverse range of organisations and people from across the industry.

The team and I gained immense value from all our chats, as we listened to your feedback, comments, and the key challenges you're facing on your OTS journey.  I was encouraged to hear about all the collaboration going on across the whole of the industry to make OTS happen. As you all expressed, this is a huge change to the whole industry, so by gaining a deeper understanding of your challenges helps us to support you better.

I was delighted that some of you came along to our stand and onboarded on the day, but I would love to see many more. If your services include providing residential fixed voice and broadband, please come and onboard with us. If you’re unsure whether it applies to your company, or you have some questions please contact the team. We are here to help.

Last week, I was excited to share with you the progress we're making in the integration test environment. This week it has been great to hear how many of you are pairing up with another CP getting ready for testing. I'm eagerly anticipating the results in the weeks to come. 

With regards to pricing, we are carefully considering every piece of feedback, and we're working on a response that we'll share with you very soon. 

Next week is our September Stakeholder Forum. As well as giving you the essential update on our progress we will also take you through our comprehensive test approach, breaking it down step by step. If you have any hot topics you would like to cover please do let me know.  

I will look forward to seeing you all next week.  

Enjoy the weekend. 

All the best  


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