Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

8 December 2023

This week I’m delighted to report that testing has ramped up in earnest, with an increased number of larger CPs starting their testing journeys.

On Monday, TOTSCo successfully released more functionality in the portal. This is intended to make your experience easier, and we’ve already seen a steady increase in the number of people onboarding. Please join them!

On Thursday TOTSCo was pleased to host a very informative MAP workshop, where MAPs outlined their offerings to around 50 interested CPs. MAPs are a vital part of the OTS ecosystem that many CPs will work with to get OTS-ready by 14 March. It was great to see so many MAPs and CPs engaged on the programme. There is another session on the 7th of December at 10am for anyone who missed it and would like to know more about the MAPs.

Also on Thursday, we hosted a stakeholder forum. This is always a great opportunity to share progress, get feedback and learn from the questions asked. I always relish these chances to interact with our stakeholders. After all, we really are all in this together!

On Wednesday, I attended the very interesting INCA Conference. It was good to see so many users there, and to get useful feedback about their progress and how we can help. It was interesting that much the feedback emphasised that time is needed to get connections right. There’s often also a big data cleansing task required, even for CPs who opt for fully managed access solutions. The key message is not to delay getting OTS-ready.

 Have a great weekend.  

 All the best, 

 Paul Bradbury 

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