Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

6 October 2023

We’ve had an incredibly productive week here at TOTSCo. I am pleased to see lots more organisations actively engaging going through simulator and integration testing with more slots booked in the weeks ahead. We really want to see more of you coming to start your OTS journey with us. If you do not know how to get started, we have a dedicated industry readiness team to support you. Just contact us.

I am pleased to share today we’ve taken the important step to provide stability for the industry as you prepare for the planned OTS go-live on March 14, 2024. With the baseline set for all our mandatory OTS documents and the implementation of a document change freeze, you can confidently progress with your preparations. More information on this is in Bulletin 30 here.

For those of you waiting to test utilising mTLS and API Key to connect to the hub these options will be available from 20 October. To secure your preferred test slots, I recommend booking them in advance by emailing us.

Lastly, as mentioned last week, the terms of the Directors on the TOTSCo Board elected by the Business Focused and Small Retailer constituencies are coming to an end. We have already reached out to members of those constituencies, and as per our Articles of Association, if any member requires an election, please contact our Company Secretary, Rob Jex, by emailing us before October 13th. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

That’s all from me folks.

Enjoy the weekend.

All the best,


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