Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

8 March 2024

I am pleased to share that it now seems we will be able to confirm the revised One Touch Switch (OTS) planned go-live date next week. Additionally, we will be providing further detail about the path to go-live. This will include plans for industry trials, and steps for those parties not participating in trials.  This will enable you all to finalise your plans to achieve a smooth implementation of OTS.  

Last week we unveiled the revamped TOTSCo website. We will be launching the new site on 18 March, so if you would like to share your feedback we would like to hear from you. The survey takes a few minutes to compete and we will incorporate your insights into the final version. 

This week, we shared the news of the resignation of two Constituency DirectorsGita Sorensen (New Infrastructure Providers), and Justin Hornby, (medium Retail Providers) – from the TOTSCo board. Their resignations will take effect on 31 March. I know I speak for the TOTSCo board in extending my heartfelt appreciation to Gita and Justin for their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions throughout their tenures. 

If you are interested in taking on a role as a Constituency Director, we invite you to express your interest by contacting us via email. Please notify us of your interest by the close of business on 19 March at the latest.  

Finally, as we wrap up this week, I'd like to ask for your input. Could you please take a moment to consider how you'd prefer your organisation to be represented in the directory that customers consult when making a switch? What name would you like displayed? More to come on this process soon.  

That’s all from me folks, have a great weekend. 


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