Friday's reflections from the desk of CEO Paul Bradbury

26 January 2024

This week, our focus remains on supporting our current operations while simultaneously preparing our run-state technical, security, and customer services for start in February and March. 

At the same time, we are eager to share a revised go-live date for OTS. Currently, we are awaiting industry feedback, and our aim is to provide you with an update by mid-February.

Thank you to those who shared feedback on our proposed Industry Trials Approach outlined in Bulletin No. 42. We received nearly 20 responses, and we are carefully reviewing all comments. We plan to share the final proposal soon, along with responses to any questions raised. Your engagement is highly appreciated. 

Updating you on our operations, we’ve so far successfully onboarded 148 users. In our testing environments, we have 27 users who have completed simulator testing and 21 users in integration testing.   

Based on our experiences, we’ve identified that certain challenges can arise during the testing preparation phase. Therefore, it is crucial that when you’re ready, you follow the ‘technical pre-requisites’ on page 25 in our TOTSCo Hub User Guide. This ensures a smooth and efficient testing process. Remember, our team is here to assist you, so reach out to us if you require support while navigating through the testing process. 

It was great to host a TOTSCo INCA webinar focused on adapting to OTS. The insights shared by members regarding their support needs and challenges in preparing for OTS were immensely valuable to our team. We will consider these insights as we shape our future plans. 

Our first Stakeholder Forum of the year is approaching swiftly, scheduled for Wednesday, 31 January. If you have any questions or agenda items you would like covered, please do let me know. I look forward to seeing you all there.  

That’s all from me folks, don’t forget if you have any questions please get in touch.  

Have a great weekend. 


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