I am pleased to report that this week we have witnessed the first successful match request in technical trials. This achievement represents a notable stride forward in proving the OTS process. We're regularly publishing weekly reports tracking the progress of our trials. Keep an eye out for these updates on our website here

We are working on refining our operations processes and procedures to ensure we are fully ready for One Touch Switch go-live. To that end, we are offering information sharing sessions so you can prepare your organisations for the change. We are covering topics such as, change management, incident management, system monitoring and resilience and invoicing and payments. Book your sessions here; we will be running them up until go-live.   

As well as the industry-wide progress that is being made in development and testing, it is important too that commercial arrangements are in good shape. So from the end of the month, signing the user agreement will be a prerequisite for joining or continuing in the testing program. Please do go into your account portal and sign the user agreement.  

As we received multiple applications for the position of the New Infrastructure Providers Constituency Director, this week we held hustings. Members had the opportunity to hear from all candidates. The voting process will conclude next week we will announce the successful candidate thereafter. 

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend. 


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