Published 21 June

With just 11 weeks until OTS go-live on 12 September, we know how crucial it is to engage with  industry and support your preparations. This week, I joined INCA’s monthly Switching and Special Wholesale Group meeting and had the pleasure of attending Comms Council UK's summer forum. A great opportunity to learn more about business switching needs.  

If you’d like more support for your go-live preparations and want us to join you at meeting or event please get in touch with us

I'm pleased to report that 28 end-to-end OTS switches have now been successfully completed in trials. This gives us continued reassurance that the OTS process is working as expected as we prepare to open the ‘ramp' stage of industry trials in July, where OTS switches will be completed with the general public for the first time. 

As I mentioned last week, we've reached out to everyone who has onboarded with us but hasn't yet started testing. From the replies, we're gaining valuable insights into their plans for go-live, with many deciding to connect via a Managed Access Provider. We will send reminders to anyone we haven't heard from yet. Please do respond – if you haven’t signed a user agreement, and don’t respond, we will assume that you are no longer planning to use the hub and may start the process of offboarding so that we can concentrate our efforts on those actively preparing for go-live. 

For those of you who have onboarded and are using our Account Management System, we've enhanced our security with the introduction of two-factor authentication today. Access our how-to guide to help you with the new process. We will be enhancing the portal further in the coming weeks, more information to come.  

Finally, just a quick reminder to mark your calendars for our June Stakeholder Forum on Wednesday, 26 June, from 1 to 3 pm. We'll be sharing more info to help you on your journey to go-live. If you have got any questions or agenda items you want to discuss please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Thanks all folks, I look forward to seeing you next week. 


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