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The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo)



The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo)

We recognise that the hub is one element in the successful delivery of OTS. There are a whole host of other end-to-end readiness activities that you may need to consider to successfully enable OTS within your organisation.

Get started as early as you can. To prepare for OTS it means adapting your systems and processes. It requires resources, including technical expertise and dedicated personnel.
To support you in this process, we have drafted a ‘Getting Ready for OTS Checklist’ with an idea of some of the activities you need to think about.
Getting Ready for OTS Checklist
People and Processes
• Understand the obligations and impacts of the One Touch Switch process for your end-to-end business in both gaining and losing capacity – legal, commercial and offers, customer segments and journeys, suppliers, data, technology, process, reporting, capability and training, budgets and resources. • Identify the key activities and outcomes required to successfully deliver One Touch Switch from initial enquiry through to satisfied customer. You can explore our enhanced checklist, to give you an idea of next level of detailed activities to consider. • Understanding the One Touch Switch Industry Process and technical specifications. • Prepare and execute your governance, budgets, resourcing, project and change plans and identify and manage risks and issues.
Technology and Data
• Review the industry process section 6.2.1 – Update your customer data using this advice. This will deliver a higher percentage of first attempt success on the match message. • Matching algorithms to generate switching information. Ensuring that the right information can be provided in a timely and accurate way so that you and your customers have the best experience. • Develop switching information generation. • Develop your systems in line with the OTS Industry Process v4.3, including the generation, sending, receiving and processing of messages in the standard format.
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