Broadband switching made easy

The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo) is a not-for-profit company that has been established by the fixed voice telephony and broadband industry to enable the development and operation of a solution to support customer switching.

Ofcom has introduced new rules to make it easier for customers to change providers. To comply with this requirement, and to provide a good experience for customers, retail communications providers need to establish a software hub that enables real-time exchange of information between the “gaining” and “losing” provider so as to coordinate and facilitate moving the customer from one provider to another.  It is the sole purpose of TOTSCo to specify and procure this hub from a software vendor and ensure its ongoing management. To do so it needs to actively engage with all stakeholders, including Ofcom and all industry players, large and small. TOTSCo is answerable to users of the switching hub services and to members of TOTSCo.

It is anticipated that providers will need to pay to use the TOTSCo hub on a pay-per-use basis.  This will essentially be the only source of revenue for TOTSCo.  Hub use fees will, over time, cover all of TOTSCo’s costs so, once the hub has been launched, the company will quickly be able to move to being self-financing.  In the meantime, the costs of TOTSCo will be met via loans from member companies.