MAP Resources

MAP Agreement and Schedules

MAP Agreement v1.1 – updated on 30 April 2024
Schedule A – OTS Industry Process v4.3 (residential switches) 
Schedule B – Business Customer GPL Process (business switches) via FCS website 
Schedule C – TOTSCo API Specification v1.1
Schedule D – Full Management MAP Service Levels, Support and Fault Reporting  Schedule
Schedule E – Analytics, Reporting and Metadata Access Control Schedule
Schedule F – Acceptable and Fair Use Policy
Schedule G – Full Management MAP Price List
Schedule H – Full Management MAP Billing and Payment Schedule
Schedule I – Data Protection Schedule
Schedule J – TOTSCo Security Policy
Schedule K – TOTSCo Disaster Recovery and Resilience Policy
Schedule L – TOTSCo Anti-Bribery Policy
Schedule M – TOTSCo  Anti-Modern Slavery Policy
Schedule N – TOTSCo Ready Mark Brand Guidelines
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