Everyone who will be using the TOTSCo Hub will need to onboard with us to set up a user account, regardless of whether you are already using or considering using a Managed Access Provider.

TOTSCo milestones

There are two stages to onboarding

Step one – Technical Onboarding, which is for verification and to provide you with your Retail Communication Provider Identifier (RCPID). Your RCPID is unique and will be used for identification and communication with CPs. Click here to Technically onboard – use the ‘become a TOTSco Hub User button’

Step two – Commercial onboarding, where we will ask you to provide your account details and payment preferences. Click here to commercially onboard – use the orange button.

We will ask you to sign the user agreement when it is ready which is from 20 October.

Below you will see the full detail of what information we need at each onboarding step.


Help and Support

Our TOTSCo Hub User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to onboard and perform testing.

The are specific ‘Onboarding’ FAQs which you will find here.

If you need any help please contact us on service_desk@totsco.org.uk we are here to help.