There are two stages to onboarding with the TOTSCo Hub:

  • Initial onboarding is for verification purposes and to enable initial testing. During this stage, you will be given access to the hub and your RCPID.
  • Commercial onboarding is where you will provide your account details and payment preferences and sign the user agreement.
TOTSCo milestones

Initial Onboarding

After clicking ‘Become a TOTSCo Hub User’ on the TOTSCo home page, you will be taken to the registration page, which consists of the following fields:

  1. Contact Person Name – this person should be authorised to apply for this service within the organisation.
  2. Full Trading Name – please confirm the name of the legal entity you are applying for, with no abbreviations, if you have more than one brand and want more than one RCPID you can request these by emailing the Service Desk at service_desk@totsco.org.uk.
  3. Contact Email – This will be your username. It should be a business email address.
  4. Password – Enter a password for future login.
  5. Confirm Password – Re-enter the password for future login.
  6. Country – This is the country in which the retail business operates. The TOTSCo Hub is only applicable to UK retailers.
  7. Will you be using a Managed Access Provider? – If you are using a Managed Access Provider (MAP), select “Yes”. If you are a CP and unsure of whether you will be using a Managed Access Provider select “No”. You can transfer to a Managed Access
    Provider later. If you are using a fully managed MAP, you do not need to onboard with us, you onboard directly with your MAP.
  8. Name of Managed Access Provider – If you are using a Managed Access Provider and they are not listed in the list provided, please let us know at service_desk@TOTSCo.org.uk.

Once you submit your application you will receive a verification email. You must click the verification in the email to be able to
proceed to the next step. The email link will expire after 24 hours. If the link has already expired by the time you try to open it, reply to
the email explaining the situation and you will be issued a new link.

Please remember to check your junk email if you do not receive the email in your inbox. If you do not receive the verification email
within 24 hours, please contact us at service_desk@totsco.org.uk.

Once you have successfully verified your account, you will receive a further email. This will contain your RCPID and Testing User

Commercial Onboarding

Once you have received the email with your RCPID, you will be able to login, which will take you to the commercial onboarding stage.

You will be asked for the following information:

    1. Name of Organisation – this will be prepopulated. Please see the FAQs page if you need to change this field.
    2. Email – this will be prepopulated. Please see the FAQs at the end of this document if you need to change this field.
    3. Contact Person Number – this should be a business contact number.
    4. Position – this is the role of the person making the application who will become the contact person within the organisation.
    5. Registered Company Number
    6. VAT Number
    7. Payment Type – you will have the option to choose to pay your invoice in one payment or via 4 direct debit payments.
    8. We will ask if your Access Network Provider (ACP) is in the list – The list is alphabetical. If your ACP is in the list, check the box.
    9. ACP Name – If your ACP is not in the list, provide it here so we can add it to the platform.
    10. Number of customers, as on 30 June 2023 – this information will be used to help determine billing.
    11. Do you have authorisation to register with TOTSCo on behalf of the company? – If you need and do not have authorisation to register, you will be unable to proceed with onboarding.
    12. Country – this will be pre-populated from your initial Onboarding.
    13. Address – this is the address for your retail operations.
    14. Postcode

You will then be asked for your technical and billing contact details.

TOTSCo Support will review your application to assure that we have all the necessary information. We will revert to you if there are any outstanding aspects or clarifications. Once accepted, we will send the user agreement to be signed (via Docusign). Once you submit the signed user agreement, you will receive a confirmation email.

You are now a fully onboarded TOTSCO Hub user.

Managing your Account

Once you have completed commercial onboarding, you will have access to your Account Management Portal. This is a portal from where you can make changes to your account, raise fault and enquiry tickets, and view your invoices and usage reports.

Making changes

If you would like to make any changes to the information you provided in onboarding you can do this by going into your Account Management Portal. You can inform us of changes to any of the details provided during registration and onboarding. The changes will be approved by our business operations team and your account will be updated subsequently.

Adding Users

To add users to your account, please email the Service Desk at service_desk@totsco.org.uk. You can add users to your account and toggle their access dependent on requirements, for example, view only access or ticket management access. You can add as many users as required to meet the needs of your organisation.

Adding Trading Entities

If you are a legal entity with trading entities, or brands, you can add them to your account. Brands will have their own RCPID, commercial and technical contacts, and will need to go through testing themselves. To add a trading entity, go to ‘Manage Trading Entities’ in the portal. You provide the name of the entity and a commercial contact. We will email the contact you provide and they will onboard from there. The account owner for the legal entity will be able to view the account details for the trading entity, but not vice versa.

Raising a Fault or Query

Raising tickets is the most efficient way to make us aware of any enquiries or faults you have. The form will ask you to categorise your ticket and indicate the number of end consumers affected by the issue, from which the ticket will automatically be prioritised accordingly.

You have the option to add attachments to your tickets should you need to provide more information, such as screenshots.

Your ticket will be allocated to the appropriate team for resolution. You will receive a response according to the time frames set out in the user agreement. You will be able to track and update the ticket as needed.

You can have more than one open ticket at once. All your tickets, open and closed, will be visible on the portal.

Billing and Invoices

Dependent on your chosen billing frequency, you will receive an email informing you when your bill is ready. Your invoice will be
available for you to view in your account with a breakdown of charges. If you have any billing queries, you can raise a ticket in the process explained above.

If you are using a technical or in-sourced MAP you are subject to additional charges over and above the TOTSCo charges. If you are using a Fully Managed Service, you will be billed solely by your MAP.

Purchase Order (PO) Process

If your organisation operates with a Purchase Order (PO) system, please kindly inform us, by emailing the Service Desk at your earliest convenience. Providing the details of your PO process will help us comply with your payment protocols and avoid any potential delays.

Supplier Onboarding

In the event that we are not yet set up as a supplier within your system, please provide us, by emailing the Service Desk, within the necessary onboarding paperwork. We are ready to complete any forms or satisfy requirements promptly to ensure that we are registered correctly and can avoid any interruptions in service.


When you are testing in a live industry trials environment you will be able to view and download reports showing you key information such as a summary of your hub usage and details of issues and queries logged.

Information Banners

You may sometimes see a banner on your account which will inform you of any defects which may affect you, or planned outages or upcoming changes. Wide-spread defects will also be listed on our website, and you will be informed about them by email.