This week, I am very encouraged by the significant increase in enquiries, onboarding, and testing activities. In our testing program, we are now seeing over 20,000 messages per week being sent through the hub, which is a first. As I mentioned at the last Stakeholder Forum, 97% of the market is already engaged in testing. While this is very positive, there are still many organisations that need to get in touch.  

Currently, we have 11 brands in Trials. They are BT, EE, Hyperoptic, NOW Broadband, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, Three, VM02, Vodafone and Zen Internet. These brands are successfully instigating and completing switches, providing industry with reassurance that the OTS process is functioning as expected. Each week we provide an update to industry which can be found on our website here.  

We are on track to open the Ramp later this month, where we will see the first switches involving members of the public use OTS. If you would like to take part in the ramp, please contact us as soon as possible. We will be increasing the volume of switches in Ramp until we reach go-live on 12 September. For more information, please view our path to go-live document v2

Transparency is at our core, and in Bulletin 63, we requested feedback on the publication of the brands in integration testing. We believe this will provide a clearer picture of how preparations for go-live are progressing, ensure all CPs have the same level of information, and be useful to CPs entering and participating in Integration Testing. The deadline for feedback is today, so please contact us with any comments. 

For those of you who have onboarded and using our Account Management Portal, today we have sent you an email to make you aware of some exciting new features coming on 15 July. These range from adding a brand to your account which will be represented in the directory to providing you with access to colleagues to manage tickets, billing, technical, reports and security. A how-to guide will be sent to you next week to explain how to implement the changes.  

That’s all from me this week folks, don’t forget if you need our support, please get in touch

Have a great weekend,  


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