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Important First Steps

  1. Whitelist TOTSCo Hub FQDN and IP Addresses
    The most important aspect of your preparation is whitelisting all of the TOTSCo FQDNs and IP addresses for all testing environments. ‘TOTSCo Hub FQDN and IP Addresses’ document can be found in the ‘Manage my Account’ portal under ‘Document Centre’ tab. Please ensure you allow enough time as it may in some cases take up to 4-6 weeks.

  2. Choose your security and authentication protocols
    You need to decide what method of authentication and authorisation you’ll use to connect to the TOTSCo Hub:

    Transport layer security options:

    • TLS to the signed TOTSCo Hub is the default security level.
    • MTLS mutually signed TOTSCo Hub and CP endpoint.

Transaction security options:

    • OAuth2 for either inbound or outbound requests or both
    • API Keys for either inbound or outbound requests or both
    • Use of mTLS alone no transaction security
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