TOTSCo Hub Service Updates

This page will display up to the minute service information on our TOTSCo Hub, with an explanation of the issue, impact and resolution.

Test environment affected
Date Simulator environment Integration environment Issue Impact Time to fix
13/02/2024 No Yes RESOLVED: We currently have an issue in our TOTSCo Hub integration testing environment. The hub is not facilitating message exchanges. All users currently testing in the integration environment. 2 hours
Resolution: Now resolved. We are currently investigating the root cause.
09/02/2024 RESOLVED: The account management portal went down. All CPs using the account management portal. 2 hours and 36 minutes
Resolution: Now resolved. If you are unable to access your account please let us know by contacting
16/01/2024 No Yes RESOLVED: Integration testing environment unavailable. All CPs using the integration testing environment. 2 hours
Resolution: A full investigation was carried out the issue was related to our Domain Name System (DNS) settings. Upon investigation we learnt that the issue predominantly affected our IT partner, Tech Mahindra. The integration testing environment is now available. You can now use the Integration Test Environment as normal.
11/12/2023 No Yes CP's receiving 503 response intermittently. CPs getting failure messages on intermittent basis resulting in not able to exchange message. 4 days
Resolution: 18/12/2023: Service Desk informed affected CPs that the issue has now been resolved. 15/12/2023: Issue resolved on Friday at 8:30pm GMT. The TOTSCo technical team investigated the intermittent (Error 503) on hub. There was a configuration issue with one of the load balancer nodes which was identified and corrected to resolve this issue. 11/12/2023: under investigation
20/11/2023 Yes No Test simulatory down. 3 hour outage of the Test Simulator. 3 hours
Resolution: 1pm 20/11/2023. Additional memory allocated to the Test simulator. Issue resolved.
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