Working Groups

Our working groups have been created to encourage collaboration and leverage our collective expertise and knowledge, which will enable us to arrive at the best possible solutions.

We have made sure each working group has a balanced representation across the industry, with an appropriate combination of process, commercial, and regulatory skills.

In the interest of transparency, we will be publishing all meeting agendas and minutes. For reference here is the TOTSCo-guidelines-for-conduct.

The Terms of Reference for both the Industry Working Groups are here –

TOTSCo work groups


OTS Industry Process Group

OTS Hub Technical Industry Group

Industry Testing Groups

  • Group A – Large Communication Providers
  • Group B – Medium (50k – 500K), Small (<50k Customers) Communication Providers and Altnets
  • Group C – Managed Access Providers

OTS Industry Process Group


Tom Merritt
Tom Merritt ‘Jack’, John Abbotts

Process Group Members

Mike Locke (INCA), Marcel Horst (CWP), Paddy Paddison (Wildanet), Mark Delo (NowYoYo), David Stewart (Sky), Seng Lee (TalkTalk), Joe Karthauser (Truespeed), Niall Gillespie (BT)
David Stubbs (VMO2), Melanie Buckley (VMO2), James Warner (Full Fibre), Frank Manning (Digital Infra), Hema Kariyappa (Vodafone), Victoria Hansford (KCOM)


To help refine and improve the OTS Industry Process within the framework of the published Change Control Process.

OTS Hub Technical Industry Group


Richard Steele CTO
Richard Steele

Technical Industry Group Members

Craig Reed (KCOM), David Stewart (Sky), Joe Karthauser (Truespeed), Jeremy Chelot (Substantial Group), Dave Stubbs (VMo2), Niall Gilespie (BT), Jon Davies (Talk Talk), Fraser Kirkpatrick (Talk Talk), Dr Christos Tsotskas (G.Network), Hema Kariyapp (Vodafone), Seng Lee (Talk Talk)


To provide technical expertise and input to support us in the development and implementation of the TOTSCo Hub.

Meeting Minutes & Agenda

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