This week, I’m very pleased to announce a significant milestone: our Industry Trial participants have successfully executed the first end-to-end One Touch Switches in the live environment. This achievement marks a crucial step forward in validating the OTS process as we prepare for go-live on 12 September. You can stay updated on the progress of industry trials by checking out our weekly report published on our website every Monday.

For those of you currently in integration testing, as I mentioned last week, I wanted to give you a heads-up that we'll be rolling out a more comprehensive set of self-certification criteria next week.

Transparency is at the core of TOTSCo, an organisation created and funded by industry. This week, we’ve shared two important updates which reflect this commitment: our draft budget for financial year 2024/25, requesting your feedback and Ofcom’s statutory information request. Both updates can be found on our website here.

Also, this week we have issued an updated Managed Access Provider (MAP) Agreement. The update reflects feedback raised by the MAPs, which we believe will significantly enhance their engagement with industry. I would like to recognise the strong commitment and engagement of the MAPs in the OTS program.  Their commitment is truly invaluable to the success of OTS. If you would like to connect to the TOTSCo hub using a MAP, please visit our MAP page on our website for more information.

Lastly, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of some deadlines that are fast approaching:

  • Deadline to sign your User Agreement is Tuesday 7 May to avoid losing access to the TOTSCo hub (see bulletin 52)
  • Opportunity to join the OTS Operations Forum (see bulletin 53) ends today. We would love to hear from anyone in an operational role.

Don’t forget, with the OTS go-live date only 18 weeks away, it is important to start your journey with us as soon as you can. The team and I are here to support you, so please reach out to us to get started.

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend.


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